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Draigoch Lair Cleared

MA downs Draigoch! Grats everyone! Thanks Turbine for turtle raid version 2!

Misadventurers clear all challenges in Ost Dunhoth

Congrats MA, world first clear of every challenge in Ost Dunhoth!! That was our goal from day one, great job everyone!

Misadventurers clear all Hard Modes in Barad Guldur

Congrats guys on yet another server first! (One of the first in North America as well). Great job MA!

Misadventurers clear Dar Narbugud! Elendilmir First!

Another server first! Congratulations to MA, it was a close race. A complete kin effort, i'm very proud of my fellow kinmates.

World First Watcher Kill!

We have done some amazing things this past year but nothing can top getting our very first World's First!! On December 12, 2008 the Misadventurers lit up the LotRo community by being the very first to down the Watcher! Alot of planning and team work went into finishing the Vile Maw raid and once again MA showed what true dedication can get you.

A big congrats to everyone, this is a great achievement!

MA 12-mans Thorog

On the night before MoM was released, we decided to go out with a bang. MA downed Thorog with 12! It was fun, very long.... but a great fight. Congrats!

Thaurlach - 6 manned

Wow, we did it! Balrog, 6-manned... it was a great fight. Is there anything this kin can't do? Congrats to everyone!

Thaurlach Downed!! Elendilmir First!

Grats on the server first Balrog kill!! We gave it our best efforts and finally got him down. I just want to say that i'm proud of all my kinmates; great job everyone! This is a huge achievement and it proves the level of skill and determination of the Misadventurers. Enjoy the screenshots!!